Burning Wood Is Carbon Neutral

Mar 31, 2023 by

Burning Wood Is Carbon Neutral

Growing Wood Uses the Same Amount of CO2 as Decaying Wood

It’s true – wood in both forms is carbon neutral and the most sustainable, natural form of energy on the planet is burning wood. Wood has been Man’s first choice for heating fuel for eons and it is the renewable, logical choice for today, too.

Sustainable living includes clean, safe heating – burning wood is the cleanest, most sustainable form of home heating there is. Better than propane, natural gas or electricity – and less expensive – which is another aspect of sustainable living.

Burning renewable wood in a high-efficiency, modern wood furnace is the most responsible form of earth-friendly heating there is. Wood-fired furnaces heat homes as well as hot water heaters, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs . . . workshops, offices, farm buildings — virtually anything, anywhere, that needs heat!

If you want to live off of the grid, a clean, safe, wood-burning furnace is a vital necessity. If you are already off of the grid, but don’t have a wood-burning furnace, you need to improve your natural life by investigating the value they offer – both in money terms and in environmental terms. You can feel good about your contribution to a healthier planet and saving money, too!

Over 10,000 homes in North America use modern, high-efficiency wood-burning furnaces for all of their heating needs and that number is growing monthly, as more people seek to live off of the grid and improve the health and welfare of planet Earth. Maybe you will join them soon!


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