Devoted Grandson Hopes To Light Up Soccer Field In Grandparents’ Memory

Jun 19, 2019 by

A grandson in Easton, Maine, (pop. 1300) has chosen to honor the memory of his late grandparents by spearheading a campaign to raise money to install lights on the Easton High School Soccer Field. He wants to name the lights project after his grandparents, Clair and Eldora Carter. Travis Carter says that his grandparents were staunch supporters of the high school athletic teams. Clair Carter was a teacher, coach and ultimately, superintendent of the high school, so his and his wife’s support came naturally.

Carter’s goal is $100,000, which will place the lights on metal posts, lasting far longer than less expensive wooden ones. The field lights will benefit more than just the team and players, said Carter. With lights, coaches will be able to schedule games later in the evening, increasing the chances that parents will be able to attend. “This will aid the entire community”, Mr. Carter states.

To donate to the Easton “Light Up Our Field” project, visit the fundraising page here: